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Axis Rolling Style Jigsaw Puzzle Machine

Please adjust the distance between the two axises before using it, generally the machine has been adjusted in proper ditance which is ready for use.

  • 1.The distance between the two axises should beyond 28.8mm, for thickness of the mould is 23.8mm, the protecting board is 5mm, if the distanse is less than 28.8mm, it may damage the mould.
  • 2.Generally the distance is 28.8mm, which can be measured by callipers, the two sides of upper axis should be in the same level from the driving aixis, please keep the distance after it has been set ready.
  • 3.If the cardboards you use are different in thickness, please tighten the pressure if it is thicker, as picture following on how to adjust it:

I. Operation:

  • 1.Print the picture you want to print, the paper can be high-quality photo paper or photo paper or adhesive paper. Then put the picture adhibited to the 500-1200g cardboard.
  • 2.Put the file up side down to the mould, side to side with the picture facing to the knife.( as to picture 2 and picture 3)
  • 3.Put the protecting board over the cardboard with picture, the protecting mould is to protecting the mould from the axis. If the whole file’s thickness is not enough to process cutting, please add some paper board or please tighten the distance until it is enough. ( as to picture 4 and picture 5)
  • 4.Put the front of the files near the axis, and push forward gently, and power on the switch.
  • 5.When the mould comes into the axis, put away your hand, then machine will pushing forward the mould automatically.
  • 6. Please keep watching the processing in case the cardboard losing position.
  • 7.Please take care while holding the moulds,, please don’t touch the mould for it may injure you hand.
  • 8.The picture is done after the mould coming out from the other side.

II. Mould:

  • 1.The mould played an important part while cutting puzzles, the pieces’ shapes are decided by the mould.
  • 2.This machine is made with laser technique, it is much more precise and can last longer.
  • 3.The mould is made up by wood board and the knife, and is attached the ruber mat, which plays function of rebound after cutting. ( as to picture 6)
  • 4.The dies should be put on a fat shelf when it is left unused.

 Note for Operation: 

  • The pressure between the two axises can not be too tight, or it will damage the knife.
  • Please check whether there is the ground line for your power supply.
  • Please be concentrate you mind when you make puzzle, don’t put your hand in the middle of the mould while processing, for it may take your hand in.
  • Do not put the machine into too wet environment, keep it away from water and erosive liquid.
  • Put the power off when the machine is left free.