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Jigsaw Puzzle Machine & Dies

(Rolling jigsaw puzzle machine FOR home based business)

  • Do want to make your own jigsaw puzzles?

  • To make it of your own picture?

  • To make it of your own design?

  • To set up a jigsaw puzzle shop with this concept?

  • Have you ever heard of jigsaw puzzle machine for home based business?

Main Specifications

Specifications Capacity Weight Links
Puzzle Machine Tyc14 upto A4 Sizes puzzle 150kg Details
Puzzle Machine Tyc18 upto A3 Sizes puzzle 200kg Details
Puzzle Machine Tyc22 upto 500pcs puzzle 260kg Details
Puzzle Machine Tyc26 upto 1000pcs puzzle 350kg Details
Puzzle Machine Tyc30 upto 1500pcs puzzle 450kg Details
Puzzle Machine Tyc40 upto 2000pcs puzzle 600kg Details
Puzzle Machine Tyc50 upto 3000pcs puzzle 1000kg Details

Choosing the proper machine for your use depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of space you have, the amount of money you want to spend, and whether you want to make puzzles as an in-home business. If you plan to make jigsaw puzzles for income, you will likely want to invest in a cutter that allows you to create a wide variety of puzzle sizes. It should also be able to stand up to more frequent use than if you buy a cutter strictly for hobby purposes. Some of the available cutters are small enough for home use, but some are quite large and are appropriate for heavy industrial use only.

To decide a jigsaw puzzle die, information of size and how many pcs is necessary, and uf for custom jigsaw puzzle dies, please offer design ot pictures.